The Zombie(bunny) Half

zombie bunnies...they're everywhere


i am one of the three ladies who does Hollow Art, which is still fun and i'm continually amazed at how popular we are. go visit. ♥

i am me. wooo me.

most online folks know me as taffy, which was less by design, and more just What Happened Along The Way. by now it would be weird to try and change it, so there you have it. i'm 31, work full time in a transitional living house for homeless 18-21 year olds. it's great, i adore my job. i work fulltime midnights though, so i'm like a lame vampire, and living in Marquette, Michigan, that means in the winter i pretty much never see sunlight. that's always fun.

random facts:
i have a bullet collection. i own no firearms. i have about 14 bullets, all different in total, though occasionally want more. they have all been gifts, however, so it would feel weird to buy one. plus--difficult, trying to buy ONE bullet. and i don't want a whole box, i just want the one. but i'd like one of every caliber i can get.

what this means is that should a zombie apocalypse happen--i'll have one bullet for whoever stops by for whatever firearm they happen to be carrying. first come first serve. also, if there is a zombie apocalypse, i'll be home, or at the fire hall, which is just a block down from my house. there's a tower, you can't miss it. try my house first, i'll have a rope off the back patio for survivors to climb up. should be cozy for a little while.

i have been writing since i was a little kid. i've been writing stories since first grade. i still write stories. there are far too many characters living in my head, and they all want attention. (sadly, they often want attention when i'm trying to SLEEP, and therefore i don't get any of that.) so they win a lot of the time. however, i also maintain that all writers are at least a little crazy. not only do they have wholly separate people living in their heads, but they feel the need to write it down and inflict these delusions on other people. it's great.

i do a lot of artwork, mostly digital. graphics stuff, like hollow art. i make headers, icons, pretty little things. i draw, too, though i haven't in a long time. depending on your opinion, i might have once been pretty good.

i have Mottephobia. what's that? i'm afraid of moths and butterflies. yes, i am that lame. they terrify me. i have been known to scream, and flee, and make other people kill them for me. spiders i have no issue with. snakes love me. but yeah. moths? butterflies? nooooooo thank you.

you'll note the lack of other colorbars. this is because i don't really do them. but this? was more than necessary. danke sue ♥

Death To Glinda Club Founder, and Vice President.
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